Plants take over thinking space

24 September 2018

During the Architecture Festival organised by Eurobuild Conferences in Warsaw a talk was given by Thomas Feichtner, a Viennese designer of furniture and other everyday objects who created the Studio by Bene office furniture system. The presentation touched on a number of issues including design trends that had not yet reached Poland. Afterwards we had an interview with him, which is soon to be published in the ‘Eurobuild CEE’ magazine.

What I heard during the presentation at the Architecture Festival organised by Eurobuild Conferences is that you aren’t a fan of plants in offices …

I have to say that I love nature; I love being outside. This year I spent a holiday in the Rocky Mountains without any connections – no mobile, no laptop, just a canoe on the lakes, so I am not against nature, but I love it when it is outside. When I‘m indoors, I need to be focused. And I love it when it’s a place where I can concentrate. There is an Arabic saying: “God made the desert so people have a place to think”. I think this is true. You need an open space, a white space, to have a place where you can really think. And I think for an office it is very important to be focused, and therefore to have a clear mind, I like to take away as many things as possible.

I like it when it is white and clear all around, but I really like my plant on my desk.

People need to have something like a horizon. To have space to clear your mind. That is why it is important not to have not too many distractions. And To have the possibility to focus and therefore plants are nice, but when they overwhelm the space in which I need to think, then they are not welcome. This is my personal opinion. I know that other people are completely different. Once I had an employee and she asked me if she could have a plant on her desk and…

The 3rd Architecture and Construction Festival
Nowogrodzka 84/86, Warsaw
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